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Best law firm in Nepal

Merger and Acquisition

Best law firm in Nepal

Merger and Acquisition

Bhandari Law and Partners stands as the premier law firm in Nepal  specialized in merger and acquisition practices. The law firm has top M&A ( Merger and Acquisition) lawyers in Nepal with outstanding knowledge on Merger and Acquisition law of Nepal. We provide comprehensive guidance to clients throughout the entire transaction process, from its early stages to the final deal closure. Our services encompass:

  1. 1. Preparation of due diligence reports.
  2. 2. Drafting and negotiation of M&A agreements.
  3. 3. Obtaining approvals from relevant government authorities.
  4. 4. Finalizing the deal closure.

We have successfully advised on high-value M&A deals for both multinational corporations and domestic clients across diverse sectors in Nepal. Our portfolio includes listed and unlisted companies, as well as international private equity and venture capital funds. Bhandari Law and Partners possesses the expertise to manage the intricacies of any M&A transaction, regardless of its nature, sector, or size. We have top professionals megers and acquisition lawyers in Nepal .

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