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Criminal and Civil Litigation

Best law firm in Nepal

Criminal and Civil Litigation

Other than Corporate Litigation Bhandari Law also represent the criminal and civil case before District Court, High Court, Supreme Court and quasi-judicial bodies of Nepal. We have best team of civil and criminal lawyers in Nepal and the team is led by Advocate Thahar Bahadur Bhandari who have experience of working on the same sector for more than 30 years. We are one of the best civil and criminal litigation law firm in Nepal . The law firm first try to solve the dispute through mediation and settlement process if the dispute is not solved then only initiate the case proceeding.


Our service includes:

(i) advisory on the litigation issues,

(ii) drafting the claim or defense of the petition,

(iii) represent the case before tribunals, quasi-judicial and judicial bodies and,

(iv) assistance of enforcement of decision of court and 

(v) represent the arbitration disputes and assist on enforcement of foreign arbitral award.


The law firm advise and represent the criminal and civil cases including the white-collar crimes, cases related to family, property, real state, tort claims etc in Nepal.

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