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Legal Due Diligence

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Legal Due Diligence

Bhandari Law and Partners is one of the top law firm in Nepal providing reliable and expert legal due diligence services to companies, corporations, organizations and individuals.  We have best legal due diligence professionals lawyers in Nepal . The legal due diligence, is diligence concerned with the legal matters of a company, business deal or agreement, or a financial transaction, for making it optimally safe, secure, privileged, and profitable.  The main and most important objectives of legal due diligence, are to gather all law related information about an individual, company, or business deal in question; to uncover and assess its/their legal strengths and weaknesses; to evaluate the risks and advantages associated with a business transaction legally; to minimize legally the possible and unexpected risks; and to make a business deal or financial transaction most safe and profitable.


A legal due diligence generally covers an investigation of the following areas: corporate, commercial contracts, employment, intellectual property, licenses, environmental, health and safety, regulatory compliance, competition, litigation, property and tax. Conducting the legal due diligence is the excellent way of potential buyers to ensure that buyeris aware of the risk that the target company may face and work towards keeping those risk to a minimum.


The Law firm ensures that the client be aware of their liabilities, financial concern or compliance issue before approving any deals. The firm provide the comprehensive report and advise on risk that target company shall face.

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