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Legal and Regulatory Reform

Best law firm in Nepal

Legal and Regulatory Reform

Corporate law advocacy has been a keen principle of the Bhandari Law  and Partners since our inception. Based on the principle we are also involved in legal and regulatory reform project besides our regular work. Managing Partner of the firm has worked on some of the notable corporate law reform project of Nepal. The firm provides the best law drafting  service in Nepal



The firm has assisted federal, provincial and local government for drafting the Act, Rules, Regulation. Further the firm has track record of advising international organization, multilateral agency, international financial institutions, government agencies, regulator and business association in development of new laws on wide range of topics and industries.



While engaging in the law reform project, we

(i) do research,

(ii) collect, organize and analyze the data and legal information and

(iii) take response from stakeholders conducting the stakeholders meeting.

In addition, the law firm has also issued the various legal opinion on the draft or bill of the Act, Rules and Regulation to the government authorities of Nepal.

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