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1. Best Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhandari Law and Partners is the leading law firm in Nepal that provides the excellent legal service  having qualified and experienced lawyers in Nepal . The firm represents a large number of national and international clients including multinational companies, banks and financial institutions, international institutions, INGOs and government bodies. The often work as the local counsel to international law firms.


The law firm is recognized as top ranking  law firm in Nepal who gets involved in high value cross border transactions and dispute resolution involving multiple jurisdictions. The law firm routinely provide the legal service to international clients, international institutions, foreign governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies and individual clients.

2. Continuous the 30's Years of Legacy

The firm was founded by Advocate Thahar Bahadur Bhandari, who started the law practice with the name “Bhandari Law Chamber” thirty (30) years before which was later restructured into a limited liability company and the firm was named as “Bhandari Law and Partners”.The firm  is recognized as one of the top commercial law firms in Nepal. Our team consists of specialized lawyers  with training and education in highly regarded universities in the Europe and UK.

3. Practice Areas and Services

The firm is one the leading  law firm in Nepal working in wide areas of sectors and diverse legal services which are as mentioned:


Practice AreasServices
Energy and Infrastructure LawForeign Direct Investment and Business Incorporation
Construction LawCommercial Contract Drafting and Negotiation
Public Procurement and Government ContractsMerger and Acquisitions
Project FinanceCorporate Compliance
Banking, Insurance and Financial LawCommercial Litigation
Telecommunication, Media and TechnologyCriminal and Civil Litigation
International TradeArbitration
White Collar CrimeConstruction Arbitration and Disputes
Entertainment LawEnforcement of Foreign Arbitration Award
Intellectual Property LawTrademark Filing, Registration, and Opposition
Labor and EmploymentCorporate Insolvency and Restructuring
Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs and INGOs)Legal Due Diligence
Capital MarketCompliance for INGOs and NGO
Aviation LawLegal and Regulatory Reform
Privacy and Data ProtectionCompany Secretary Service
Competition and Antitrust LawIntellectual Property Investigation Service
Real Estate

Advisory to the Inhouse Legal Team of the Corporate

Immigration Law 
Private Equity: 

4. Provides Best Corporate Legal Service in Nepal

Bhandari Law and Partners is recognized as one or the top law firm in Nepal  specialize in commercial law, arbitration and corporate litigation with the team of professional lawyers in Nepal .


Our main areas of focus include investment law, energy and infrastructure law, construction law, public procurement and government contracts, international trade, entertainment law, tax law, corporate law, banking and insurance, intellectual property, labor law, white collar crime, litigation and arbitration, project finance, and telecommunication, media and technology law. The firm serves the need of both small and large businesses ranging from basic start up work to complex legal issues and regulatory matter.


We have been providing legal services in Nepal   to various national and international clients including the companies working on hydropower and infrastructure projects, telecom, ride sharing business, hotels, IT companies, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, hospitals, manufacturing industries and tourism- based industries.


The law firm represent high complex cases and involves in highly innovative and complex cross border corporate transaction as well as in complex commercial litigation and arbitration. The law firm offer highest international standard legal services in Nepal and is predominantly engaged in providing the legal service to international clients including foreign companies, international institutions as well as individual clients.

5. Law Firm Lead by Professional Attorneys

Bhandari Law has robust team of lawyers with rich experience across various areas of work including the commercial law and dispute resolution. The team including attorneys, paralegals, thought leadership managers and interns are highly trained specialists in their area of law and are dedicated to provide exceptional legal services in a creative environment. We provide relevant and highly tailored solutions to our clients’ composite legal challenges.


Advocate Thahar Bahadur Bhandari is highly experienced criminal lawyer in Nepal who has been practicing law for more than three decades. He is the Senior and Founding Partner of the law firm. He is well known for his expertise on civil, criminal and corporate litigation who represent cases before High Court and Supreme Court. He has represented high value cases before difference judicial and quasi-judicial bodies in Nepal.


In addition, Advocate Nabin Bhandari is one of the leading Corporate Lawyer in Nepal   who has extensive experience in the matter of corporate law and dispute resolution. Nabin completed his Masters in International Business Law from the University of Brussels, Belgium, and also has experience of the completion of short-term legal courses from Switzerland and UK-based universities.


Nabin specialized in arbitration, cross-border transactions, project finance, hydropower project development, foreign direct investment, and intellectual property law. He has advised and represented a number of national and international clients including multinational companies, international institutions, banks and financial institutions, major corporate houses of Nepal, diplomatic missions, INGOs, and government bodies, and has also worked as the local counsel to international law firms. Further, he has also worked on the number of legal and regulatory reform projects in coordination with the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal. In addition, Nabin is also one of the leading lawyer in Nepal who have in-depth understanding on arbitration and corporate litigation. He has represented the high value litigation case before District Court, High Court and Supreme Court of Nepal.


Our team works on modern office with green environment and integrated technology. We are committed to deliver the highest legal service to our client.

6. Ambition of The Firm

Our ambition is to be a respectable law firm providing efficient and courteous service, to act with fairness, integrity and diligence and to be socially responsible. We contribute to the discourse on legal developments and trends in the practices and sectors we work in. We actively author articles, create client engagement, engage with regulators and create various other forms of publications and commentary to contribute on matters of legal significance and policy. Not only in publication our law firm is also involved in law reform project assisting the government bodies for drafting the government legislation.

We pride ourselves for our proactive service, ability to innovate, and to add value to our clients. We offer our clients:

  • a. Technical skill, experience and in-depth expertise.
  • b. Timely, detail-oriented and professional service.
  • c. Business focused, commercial and practical legal advice.

7. Geographical Reach and International Collaboration

Team of Bhandari Law has provided service to different companies and individuals from most of the jurisdictions of the word. Team has represented client from UK, US, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Singapore, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Island, Mauritius, Sweden, Denmark, UAE and amongst may other countries.


Phone Number: +977-9808811027, +977-9849964619 (also available in what’s app and
Location: Park Ln Road, Buddhanagar-10, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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